Are you a professional Tarot reader, or would you like to be? Join Tarot professional Christiana Gaudet, author of “Fortune Stellar: What Every Professional Tarot Reader Needs to Know”, for a class designed to kick your skills into high gear, and get you ready for wherever you want your Tarot practice to go.

In this class, you will learn professional-level Tarot and psychic skills. You will also learn the practical side of Tarot business, including branding and marketing. Whether you are adding Tarot to an existing healing practice, strengthening your skills to improve your current Tarot practice or getting ready to launch something new, Christiana will help you find your Tarot path. Bring a notebook, pen and Tarot deck.

Pro Tarot: Take your Tarot to the Next Level

Each of the 78 cards of the Tarot deck offer a specific opportunity for personal healing. In this special class, author and noted Tarot professional Christiana Gaudet will share a variety of Tarot healing methods. Each student will have a chance to work with the cards, and find the healing energy for themselves. This class is appropriate for anyone, from the simply curious to Tarot beginners to Tarot professionals. Bring a notebook and pen, and a Tarot deck if you have one. Loaner decks will be available for use during class.

Tarot as a Tool for Healing

Everyone has intuition, and the ability to communicate with Spirit. But how can you learn to hear the voice of Spirit, and attune to your intuition? Join professional psychic and Tarot grandmaster Christiana Gaudet for a practical and enlightening exploration of your psychic abilities.

In this class, you will learn techniques that allow you to more clearly discern and communicate truth. You will have the opportunity to practice several techniques, and discover the nature of your own psychic gifts. Bring a notebook and pen, and any psychic tools you regularly use (oracle cards, Tarot cards, runes, pendulum, etc.).

Psychic Development Class

Christiana has been a full time Tarot professional since 1994. She is the author of popular Tarot books "Fortune Stellar" and "Tarot Tour Guide." From her new office in Palm City, Christiana serves a worldwide clientele with readings by phone and Skype, tarot instruction and mentorship, private in-person sessions, and psychic house parties.
Enjoy an opportunity to have a face-to-face one hour or half hour private reading with Psychic Tarot Grandmaster and author Christiana Gaudet in West Palm Beach, at her standard office rates. A reading with Christiana is comprehensive. You’ll receive insight into your journey, your growth, and your challenges. Christiana will discuss your relationships with the important people in your life, your career, your spiritual path, and your personal goals. A reading with Christiana will empower you, give you clarity, and help you feel your connection to Higher Power, and to your loved ones in spirit.

Private Readings with Christiana Gaudet

Whether or not you are a fluent Tarot reader, you can use the symbols and energy of the cards to receive communication from loved ones in spirit, guidance from your angels, and direction from your Higher Power. This exciting class with Tarot Grandmaster, Christiana Gaudet will help the Tarot come alive for you, and awaken your own ability to stay deeply connected with Spirit. In this class, you will learn theories and traditions of spirit communication, and practical techniques for working with Tarot for this important spiritual purpose. You will learn to receive messages for yourself, and for others. 

Whether you are a professional reader wanting to learn new skills, or a curious beginner interested in what Tarot can do for you, or somewhere in between, this class will inspire you and give you the opportunity to communicate with Spirit in new and helpful ways. Bring a Tarot deck if you have one. Loaner decks will be available to use during class.

Spirit Communication With Tarot Led By Christiana Gaudet  

Some tarot readers find that the images of the 78 cards help them receive psychic images and information. Other tarot readers find the traditional keywords, symbols, and interpretations for the 78 cards offer an opportunity to discover truth and helpful advice in a tarot reading. Tarot professional Christiana Gaudet feels that intuition and interpretation can work together to help tarotists of all levels of experience divine the information they need. Everyone who is interested in tarot and divination is invited to join this special class. Christiana will teach you interpretive and intuitive tarot techniques and will help you understand the way these techniques work together. Bring a tarot deck, there will be plenty of opportunity for hands-on experience in this class.

Psychic Tarot: Where Intuition and Interpretation Meet

What do tarot cards, oracle cards and candles all have in common? They can all be used in magick! Cards and candles are tools that can help us heal from the past, and manifest our desires for the future. Used together, cards and candles create a uniquely powerful combination. In this special hands-on workshop, Christiana will guide you through the theory and practice of using sacred images and specially prepared candles, along with meditation and ceremony, to bring your desires to life! Bring your tarot cards and oracles cards if you have them; loaner decks will be available. Christiana will provide your candles and other supplies.

Manifesting with Cards and Candles