Forgiveness: A Necessary Bridge to Cross

     At some point in life we come to realize we’ve been dragging old hurts around like a ball and chain, pushing them deeper into our souls, wishing against all hope we could change our past. Over time, these emotional chains take an enormous toll, and not just psychologically. In general, the benefits of forgiveness are not very well understood. True forgiveness is empowering, and emotionally and physically liberating.

     Forgiveness of others dissolves guilt and fear, enabling us to step into more productive and happy lives. This is a workshop with a different approach than most: when you find the gift in whatever it is you're struggling to forgive (and there is one there), your fundamental perspective will shift, and in so doing, the issue will begin to dissolve on its own. By understanding hurts and traumas objectively you’ll de-energize the underlying emotion as your perspective on the incident, or person, or pattern shifts. Understanding brings insight, insight combined with intention brings relief, the kind of relief that raises self-esteem, self-worth, all of which result in greater compassion, for yourself and for others.

     Forgiveness of self is one of the tougher issues we face, so we do spend time on this. You will also learn a simple and fast technique that naturally evolves pessimistic thinking toward a more optimistic way of thinking.

     Be thinking about one not-too-traumatic situation you’d like to forgive that you’d feel comfortable working on in the workshop. We will create a safe, compassionate environment of sharing, and what is said or happens in this workshop is confidential. This approach to forgiveness comes from the Native American practice of accepting whatever Life offers, good or bad.