We do not represent this circle is of, or from any particular Nation; it is "generic," even though songs are sung in the Lakota language. This circle is open to anyone who has need or sincere interest and comes in a respectful way. The best way to understand what's going on when you first start participating in ceremony, is to watch respectfully.

Once the ceremony begins you are expected to stay until the end; leaving early is very disrespectful and we will decline your participation in future ceremonies.

However, donations that respect and understand the time, effort, and experience of Grandfather Rick, the reality of room rentals and other overhead, the value of the drums he built to loan to people, and that care about the continuation of this circle are very much appreciated.

Traditionally, women wear skirts or dresses to honor the feminine.

NO alcohol or non-prescription drugs 24 hours before any ceremony. No recording, no cell phones.

Bring your Native American-style hand drums and rattles as we pray and sing for Global Peace and Personal Healing. If you do not have your own drum or rattle there will be some drums to share and learn on.

Absolutely no alcohol, drugs, or recording.