Learn the basics of reading tarot in just three hours (or super-charge your current practice with a refresher) with one of south Florida ’s top tarot readers! Mary Ellen Collins combines years of reading and teaching tarot with her experience as an instructional designer to create this powerful course that will give you all the basics you need to begin reading tarot cards. After working through this intensive tarot workshop, you will be able to use an easy and basic process of observing details in the cards to create your own intuitive meanings, recognize and use informational sources about the tarot, and perform a three-card reading for yourself and others .
Learn to use crystals as a form of enhancing and deepening your tarot practice. Mary Ellen Collins has been reading and teaching tarot as well as studying lithomancy (crystal reading) for many years and has incorporated the use of both methodologies in her readings and classes. Here is a chance to work with both! You will be surprised at how quickly you can learn to tap into the energy and wisdom of crystals. Part of the focus of this class is learning how to connect with their energetic vibrations.

This workshop is a great opportunity for tarot enthusiasts who wish to enhance their tarot reading ability. After taking this workshop you will have some basic skills in crystal divination and be able to combine them with your tarot skills. Feel free to bring a tarot deck (Rider-Waite-Smith or clones of RWS) or we have decks that we can loan. Participants will not need to bring crystals; they will be provided for use in the class.

Empower your Tarot with Crystals!

Classic Skills for Tarot Reading

Everyone has intuition and the more we use it, the stronger it becomes. This workshop will offer practice techniques that can allow you to better access your own intuition through various tools. Join tarot reader and teacher Mary Ellen Collins in exploring an interesting variety of oracles that are simple and easy to use, such as the Tea Leaf Oracle, the Russian Gypsy Fortune Cards, and the Oracle of Rama.

We will also spend some time working with a method of intuitive divination called psychometry. In psychometry, we use our natural psychic gifts to sense information about people by holding or touching objects that belong to them. Be sure to have a small personal item handy so you can be read! Whether you are brand new to the psychic arts or you are just looking for fun and creative ways to explore your intuitive gifts, this class will be interesting and fun.

Connecting with Intuition Through Oracles and Psychometry