Are you stressed, stuck, not achieving goals such as living a healthier lifestyle and need help in moving forward? Coaching is a growing method for helping people to improve their lives, achieve goals, and better manage change and challenges. Holistic Life Coaching has an emphasis on looking at your WHOLE life: the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional aspects and how they fit together. A Holistic Life Coaching session with Pearl draws out answers rather than puts them in and is always non-judgmental.

     Is your life out of balance? Living a happy and successful life involves having a lifestyle that promotes health at all levels. Holistic Life Coaching will help you understand the need to pay attention to the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical aspects of your whole being: humans are multi-dimensional beings and all aspects of our nature are closely intertwined. As an example, perhaps at the emotional level, you are worried about a difficult issue in your life and this worry is causing lack of sleep. So, at the physical level your body is tired and so you are not at your best. This tiredness leads to difficulty in thinking clearly at the mental level and in keeping your thoughts positive. Because of this, you do not feel inspired to meditate and so are out of touch with your spiritual side. Whatever your individual situation is, Pearl will help you look objectively at the contributing factors and then move forward.

     Pearl does not diagnose or treat mental, physical, or emotional problems that a client may be experiencing. It is always recommended that individuals seek the advice of licensed medical and/or mental health professionals for all mental, physical, and emotional concerns and that they continue with their current treatment program prescribed by the medical and/or mental health professional.

     "The session was more intense than I expected; we covered a lot of ground. Pearl helped me see what steps I now need to implement and I feel confident that I can do this. Very inspiring! Thank you Pearl."

L.C. West Palm Beach

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$60 1 session in office

$45 1 session by telephone

Holistic Life Coaching