Many people become interested in learning about reincarnation, karma, the spiritual journey, spiritual awakening and related topics but do not know quite where to start. Today we will start at the introductory level with some basic explanations about these subjects. We will look at exactly WHY we reincarnate, what karma is, what it means to be on a spiritual journey and what spiritual awakening is. There will be a clear explanation on the difference between psychic and spiritual. We will also look at why difficult or “bad” situations happen to “good” people. The format for today will be part lecture, part discussion and part Q and A, so come with all your questions!

Spiritual Awakening 101:

Before we came into this lifetime, we established a contract with other souls with whom we have karma: we made a pact as to the roles we will play in each other's lives. After birth we forgot about this karmic pact.

Understanding the karmic pact is amazingly empowering as we cannot ever feel like we are a victim of random circumstances; we understand that every difficult challenge, especially those involving other people, is a situation we have agreed to manifest in our lives, so as to create the conditions for us to make spiritual growth. If you have a difficult relationship of any kind, understanding that you made a karmic pact with that person can help you dramatically change the way you view the other person and move forward toward forgivness and a more harmonious, peaceful relationship.

The Karmic Pact

Many of us have understood the importance of awakening spiritually and making progress on our path. This class will focus on helping us in a very practical way to implement spiritual teachings in our day to day life. We will look at

- Gratitude

- Meditation

- Prayer

- Mindfulness

- Ritual

Many people long to develop a deeper relationship with their own spiritual guide but find it difficult to do so; others are unclear as to the role of the guide in their life. 

Today we will discuss the role of our spiritual guide in our life and look at ways to connect better with them. Then we will participate in guided meditations designed to help us explore this connection at a deeper level. You will leave this class more confident in your ability to connect with your own spiritual guide.

Five Steps to Awakening

Connecting with our Spiritual Guide

This will be an interactive class in which Pearl will spend time assisting each class participant to develop a plan to move forward. You will benefit from this class if you feel stuck in any way and need support in moving forward so that you are living an awakened life.

The Spiritual Teachings of "The Tibetan" and How They Can Help Us

"The Tibetan" also known as Djwhal Khul (or D. K.), is a Spiritual Guide and Master in the non-physical realm who gave a large number of spiritual teachings through the mediumship of the late Alice Bailey, over the course of many years. He taught about reincarnation, the spiritual journey, stages along the journey, such as the stage of "the Aspirant" and "The Disciple". The Tibetan said he must act as a transmitter of the Light and he gave these teachings to help people wanting to make progress on their spiritual journey.

This is an introductory level discussion about a few of these teachings and no previous knowledge is required; however these teachings will only appeal to you if you are open to the idea of reincarnation. We will look at how to apply these teachings to our day to day life, so that we can all make further progress on our spiritual path.

"Fabulous class, very informative and awakening."

A.M. Wellington

"Really helpful class; definitely exceeded my expectations."

J. E. Jupiter

Louise Hay's self-help book: "You Can Heal Your Life" has been a best seller for many years. Today we will examine some of the ideas in this book, including "Life is really very simple: what we give out, we get back", "What we think about ourselves becomes the truth for us", "Every thought we think is creating our future". The focus will then be on looking at how to apply these ideas in a very practical way so as to improve the quality of our own life. This class is suitable for both those unfamiliar with the book and those who have read it. It is not necessary to bring a copy of the book.

Healing Your Life

Women's Spiritual Awakening Group: this is an ongoing group for women wanting to deepen their commitment to leading a more spiritual and awakened life. We will meet for 4 sessions on Fridays 11/16, 11/30, 12/7 and 12/14 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm; the fee is $90 for the 4 sessions. The group will be led by Pearl Rauberts, who has been leading Women's Spiritual Awakening Groups since 2003. Advance registration and payment is required (no refunds if you miss a session). If you wish you can call Pearl at 561-333-3372 (call not text please) to discuss whether this is the right women's group for you.

We will spend some time each session participating in a guided group meditation led by Pearl, some time in discussion of Spiritual Awakening concepts and some time in discussion of what challenges are preventing participants moving forward on their path and living a happy and awakened life. Some of the areas we will explore are reincarnation and karma, mindfulness, non-judgment, finding inner peace in this stressful world, gratitude, and a better understanding of unconditional love. This will be a non-religious group but it will be assumed participants accept the idea of being on a spiritual journey taking place over many lifetimes.

There is tremendous power in women coming together in women-only groups and committing to supporting each other. We will create a confidential, safe, non-judgmental space and the number of participants will be limited so as to allow each woman time to share and participate fully. Pearl's goal is for each woman to feel greater confidence in being able to live a richer, fuller and more spiritual life as we approach 2019. If the group wishes, we could start a new series of sessions in the new year.

Women's Spiritual Awakening Group