Spiritual Awakening one on one sessions are customized to suit your needs and take different forms. Some people seek a session because they are looking for help and guidance as to how to move forward with their spiritual growth. Others are feeling lost as they are no longer in harmony with the teachings of the religion in which they were raised and they are seeking guidance as to how to proceed with spirituality outside of organized religion. Others seek guidance as to how to make sense of difficult issues in their life now, or that happened in their past, so as to move forward: that type of session involves looking at your life from a spiritual perspective, understanding all that happened did so for a reason, is an important part of your spiritual journey, and is offering you the opportunity to awaken spiritually.



Pearl has helped many people make significant progress in dealing with a wide variety of spiritual challenges; she is an Angel Messenger Practitioner and before your session begins, she will ask for guidance from her Spiritual Guide and Angel; asking them to guide her to help you (although please understand this is NOT any type of psychic reading).

Spiritual Awakening
West Palm Beach