During a Spiritual Awakening one on one session I help you make sense of the difficult issues in your life now, or that happened in your past, so that you can move forward to a happier life. A session involves looking at your life from a spiritual perspective, understanding all that happened did so for a reason, is an important part of your spiritual journey, and is offering you the opportunity to grow.

I have helped many people make significant progress in dealing with a wide variety of challenges, including:

     - sexual, physical, mental/emotional abuse
     - relationship difficulties, failing marriage, divorce
     - stress related to money, job loss, foreclosure
     - recovery from childhood, adolescent, adult trauma
     - physical illness
     - depression, anger, anxiety, sadness, fear, low self-esteem
     - bereavement

I am an Angel Messenger Practitioner. Before your session begins I ask for guidance from my Spiritual Guide and Angel. Sessions are also available over the telephone. Contact me to discuss how a private Spiritual Awakening session can help you move forward.

Spiritual Awakening
West Palm Beach