Rauberts Energy Healing Technique (REHT)

     Rauberts Energy Healing Technique (REHT) is a new method of working with the healing energy I have been guided to develop. Over 20 years ago I started working in London with spiritual healing, first at the College of Psychic Studies, then at the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, then at the White Eagle Lodge, and I also work with Reiki. All of these use specific tools. REHT does not involve any of these tools as I simply enter a semi-meditative state and connect to the healing energy and ask for guidance on how best to channel the energy to meet the needs of the client at the time of the session, makeing each session unique.

     We are holistic beings and while we may manifest problems in the body, evidenced by pain or symptoms of disease, these are often connected to thoughts and feelings. I am guided to work with the healing energy at the mental, emotional, and physical levels. My guidance comes from nonphysical beings and I receive it as pictures, words, and feelings as I work with different of helpers.

A session begins with a short consultation in which you discuss your healing needs at that time. You will lie down, fully clothed, on a table and you will feel the energy coming through my hands. Talking is kept to an absolute minimum during the actual healing. While it is impossible to guarantee results, most clients say they enter into a deep sense of relaxation and emerge feeling very peaceful; many clients do show an improvement in their condition.

Some people come once, others more often, depending on the nature of the problem, the degree of intensity, and the length of time the problem has existed. The services I offer are part of my work as an ordained minister. I do not diagnose, nor do I treat mental, physical, or emotional problems a client may have. I recommend individuals seek the advice of licensed medical professionals for mental, physical, and emotional concerns, and that they continue with currently prescribed treatments.