Hand Drum

Participants build a nominal 15 inch octagon, or 14 inch round Native American-style hand drum. Your frame is hand-built by Grandfather Rick on receipt of the materials deposit when you specify the style you want. 
Frames are typically made of poplar, a hardwood, and all joints are pinned. The drum head is typically Elk, but this can vary subject to availability. The workshop is capped at 8 people.
It takes about five days for a drum to thoroughly dry, in which time it cannot be played. A drumming is scheduled from one to two weeks after the workshop where those interested in "waking" their drum up can do so (this is explained in the workshop). The drumming is open to all people.

Hafted Rattles

Rattles are similar to drums in that they call the spirits as they raise our energy and quickness of thought. Making a rattle is fun, using a rattle can be for fun and social, as well as for healing. In this workshop you will make a hafted rattle and given some ideas on how to personalize it. If you choose to dedicate your rattle to healing work, you'll be invited to wake it up at the next drumming.

We'll be working with wet rawhide, so to help it dry faster, please bring a hair dryer if you have one.


You will learn the fun art of creating a dreamcatcher on a five inch metal hoop. Once you have mastered the weave, you'll build a second dreamcatcher on a natural vine hoop. I usually have drilled tumbled stones and feathers to decorate the second dreamcatcher with. I encourage you to bring what you have for decoration as well.

"Completely exceeded my expectations, a fantastic workshop and fantastic teacher, in every way!
Two thumbs up and my highest recommendations!"

Making your own sacred begins with the idea, is made more concrete in acquiring the skills and materials necessary to create it, and finally, in the actual construction of it, which is typically done in a ceremonial setting*; smudging, offering tobacco, and a prayerful attitude. After the drum has fully dried, it can be "awakened" into a ceremonial life. The process of creating, then awakening a sacred drum is akin to birthing a child and similar care is given throughout the entire process.

"I have been building hand drums for over thirteen years now and have helped many people create their own sacred, a process I fervently believe in, especially if your reason to build the drum is for use in ceremony. As I teach you how to physically create your drum, I also teach about drumming; when to use it, drum etiquette and technique, and even about catching songs."

*Drums are built in deference to the Spirits and with their help, but the actual process of building a drum is not ceremony.

Mini Rattles

Minis are fun, make terrific gifts, and are easy to make. In this workshop the chamber halves are already cut; you just punch them for the lacing. You will get enough material to make five minis. The workshop is approximately 2 1/2 hours. Some people get all five done in that time, others need more time. Not to worry: You will be given enough material to finish out any remaining rattles at home. And when I have it, I will make additional material available for those interested in building a quantity of rattles for gifting season.

Palm Rattles

Palm rattles are chambers only, no hafting. These are handy to carry with you or keep in your car. When things get tough, reach for your rattle and just shake it off! Palm rattle also show up in ceremony.

Pre-registration is required. Registration occurs ONLY when a materials deposit has been made.

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Sunday March 25
12:00pm to 3:00pm