At the start of the Prayer Circle, Grandfather Rick will call the Four Winds through song, putting us in Ceremony. The Talking Stick will then be passed for us to hold as we pray, either aloud or in the silence. The group energy will facilitate powerful prayers!

     The giveaway is what it sounds like: we give something of value to us. The giveaway expresses love, it is an act of trust, teaching us to be generous, helping us forgive. If you participate (it is voluntary) bring a gift that has meaning to you that you've had for a year. Monetary value is not the issue: your giveaway is something you made, or found, or something you really like; it has learned who you are and carries your energy. We lay the gift on the blanket. Someone is chosen, usually the eldest or youngest, and they are handed a talking stick. They go to the blanket and pick up one thing they are drawn to. Once you touch it, you have to take it, so let your eyes do the choosing. When the giveaway item is chosen, the person who offered it says why it is special to them, where it came from, how long they've had it. After the story is told, it is their turn to choose. And so it goes, until that last giveaway is taken up. If you bring something for the blanket, make it for the same gender as you, or neutral. Giveaway blankets are fun and help us get out of material thinking, giving us a more trusting, liberated sense of freedom.

Native American Prayer Circle and Giveaway Blanket

     Prayer is a powerful practice. It can be even more powerful when people come together, to pray together. If ever there was a time the world needed prayer, it is now. But it is always "now," the present moment, isn't it? So why not sit with us and add your energy, especially as it is so needed?

This ceremony will be outside as we use a small fire to help send our prayers to Creator.

Prayer Circle and Canunpah (Pipe)


There is NEVER a charge for ceremony.

     Sometimes people choose to support that which supports them. It is not our right to try to deny any person their right to contribute; instead, we honor it graciously. We appreciate it very much when women wear skirts or dresses to honor the feminine. NO alcohol or non-prescription drugs 24 hours before any ceremony.
Hispanohablantes siempre estan bienvenidos. Por favor no deje de atender por el tema del idioma. Habran personas atendiendo que hablan ambos Ingles y Espanol.

Medicine Wheel Ceremony

In today's world, sometimes we do well just to be heard. And sometimes, that's all we need. No comment, no advice, no criticism. Just listened to.

Sitting in a circle and passing a talking feather gives us an opportunity to do just that; to be heard. And if we want feedback, we can ask for it from the circle.

After everyone has had a chance to speak, we will share the canunpah, or pipe.

Talking Circle with Pipe

This Medicine Wheel Ceremony is open to those who come in a humble and respectful way. Its purpose is to help us connect to the Earth and what the mainstream calls "Nature." This helps us all ways; spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, socially, politically, economically, intellectually, and so forth.

This Medicine Wheel is offered now to help you realize and create what is the best for you for the year 2016, and beyond.

This is a simple ceremony, taking us as deep into ourselves as we are willing to go. It is done outside of our studio at The Pines. You need not be knowledgeable or experienced in Native American Lifeways, all you need is to be respectful and willing to listen. This is a "quiet" ceremony that enables each participant to have her or his own experience.
    Among the many uses of the hand drum, the journey is one of the lesser known. To journey with the drum is experiential; it is not ceremony. Prone or sitting, (your choice), we first quiet the mind. We then sequence into our heart-mind connection. For accomplished meditators, this will be easy and the "third-eye" sensation will not only start up on the forehead, but in the heart-solar plexus area as well. If you're new to this, you'll learn how this is done and how to strengthen it with practice.

     A single drum in the background sets a slow and easy pace to begin your guided journey; a few words are spoken, loosely guiding you out of the material world, closer to the veil, where you take off on your own. But you'll be safe at all times, the drum ensures that. If you've ever wondered how the ancestors were able to communicate with the spirits (of the animals, of the plants, of the stone people, the Helper Spirits and so on) you'll come to understand this as your consciousness shifts.

Journey With the Drum

"Always outstanding - every journey has been different for me. The drum became my heartbeat not just a distant sound - enabling me to experience a deeper and more profound meditation."

JC Royal Palm Beach, FL