"Over the course of the last seven years, I have been learning about Native American Lifeways and Spirituality from Grandfather Rick McBride. After 25 years of studying meditation, different approaches to healing, angels and spirituality, it feels as if a door to a whole new, but in fact very ancient, world has opened and provided a gateway to an understanding of many familiar metaphysical concepts at a significantly deeper level. I took the "Teachings of the Medicine Wheel" workshop twice and achieved many breakthroughs on personal issues as a result. I invited Grandfather Rick to lead a number of different events so that many more people can take the opportunity to learn and grow through his teaching."


Native American Teachings
and Drumming Circle in Palm Beach County, Florida

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     Rick McBride is mixedblood Tsalagi (Cherokee) who has walked the Red Road for over 30 years. He was named Cante Lute (Schan-tay Lou-tuh) by the spirits through his sundance chief, which means Red Heart. He is a sundancer and has been traditionally trained and authorized to lead ceremonies, such as inipi (purification lodge), prayer with the Canunpah (Pipe), drum healing and so forth. He has been publicly teaching these ways for some ten years now.
     Workshops and lectures are one way to learn from the wisdom of Indian Country. Ceremony brings this knowledge to life. Combined, teaching and ceremony render practical guidance to everyday living. And so, Rick sees his role as that of "translator" of indigenous ways so that mainstream-educated people get the full benefit of these ways. It has taken him years of dedicated interaction with many Elders, as well as his activities as ceremonial leader to get to this place in his life.
For further information, visit his website: https.mixedblood.info (a secure site.)