How to Meditate Class

Many of us are aware of the benefits of meditation: how meditation helps with stress, helps us make a deeper connection with spirit and helps our day to day life flow more smoothly. However often we do not find meditating easy. This afternoon you will first of all learn meditation techniques such as visualizing, focusing on the breath, affirmations and using music and chant to help bring peace to your busy mind. Under Pearl's experienced guidance you will learn that meditation is indeed accessible to everyone.
During the second part of the afternoon, Pearl will lead the group through a guided meditation so that you can experience the power of meditating in a group. As you get more practiced in meditation, you will learn to make the connection during your meditation with the source of infinite love, wisdom and peace, leading to greater harmony and serenity in your everyday life. All are welcome, including absolute beginners in meditation and those with some experience who wish to learn more. Confidence in meditation is an important asset to all those who work with any of the healing modalities including Reiki.

West Palm Beach

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For those with some experience in meditation, Pearl offers short guided group meditations. Each meditation includes an initial guided relaxation, leading into a guided meditation, using visual images, music, awareness of the breath and affirmations. There will be silent time before you are guided back.

" Everyone should learn to meditate. Pearl presented all the techniques you need to achieve a meditative state. The information was precise and easy to understand. Try it! You will like it! Great benefits to mind, body, and spirit!"


"Pearl's skillful meditation journey gives the individual time for personal reflection and one returns fully grounded. In this meditation I worked with rose quartz which added another aspect to the process. I learn something new each time."


Guided Group Meditation