This is an Energy Healing Circle using Rauberts’ Energy Healing Technique. Pearl will talk briefly about this healing technique and about how it came into existence; she will then lead a short meditation to help us all open up to the healing energy. This will be followed by each person receiving an individual session of healing. If you are interested in attending, register early as there are a limited number of places available.

Energy Healing Circle

The Chakras

Knowledge of the chakras has come down through the ages from what is called the Ancient Wisdom spiritual teaching, found in many ancient civilizations, primarily in the East. The original names for the chakras come from the Sanskrit language, dating back to ancient times in India. A chakra is a vortex of energy, a swirling, moving center of energy within the human body. We have seven major chakra centers and many minor ones. The chakras are connection points between our outer physical body and the other inner aspects of ourselves; if we experience negative thoughts or feelings over a long period of time, the energy in the corresponding chakra can slow down or become stagnant, causing imbalance which can be detrimental to health. The chakras also project our energy outwards and sense and receive energy.

This workshop focuses on healing body, thoughts, emotions and spirit through understanding and healing the seven major chakra energy centers. You will be working with the power of Light and the healing energy. You will learn about the chakras and then do practical exercises to feel chakra energy. You will then learn a practical self-healing exercise, which you will be able to continue to do by yourself at home, to direct healing energy to each of your own seven major chakra centers. You will learn healing the chakras helps not only the physical body, but also helps heal negative thoughts and feelings, including sadness, fear and anger. This workshop is suitable for everyone interested in helping themselves and no previous knowledge is required. Reiki students will find it helpful also.

                                         Distant Healing

It is not necessary to be in the physical presence of the healer in order to receive healing: healing can be very effective even when the healer and the client are physically far apart from each other; it is also not necessary for the client to know the exact time when the healing is being sent. I have been doing distant healing for 30 years and very much enjoy this aspect of my work. If you wish to receive a distant healing session please email me at please give me your full name and explain in detail the reasons why you are seeking healing at this time and in what way you hope the healing energy may help you. Please attach a photograph clearly showing your face. Please also let me know if you want me to send you healing for an hour or half an hour. Payment can be made either by clicking the PayPal button on this page or you can mail a check (if you are paying by check please let me know this in your email). You can only request distant healing for yourself, not on behalf of another person.

The services I offer are part of my work as an ordained minister. I do not diagnose, nor do I treat mental, physical, or emotional problems a client may have. I recommend individuals seek the advice of licensed medical professionals for mental, physical, and emotional concerns, and that they continue with currently prescribed treatments.