Rev. Pearl Rauberts, BSc Econ

"It is my intention to allow many people to know about Pearl's work & her commitment to helping others. Her healing gifts are that of the highest caliber & she is dedicated to teaching others how to heal. Pearl is able to help others make sense of why the world functions the way it does, why we are here, steps on the path, what one goes through in this spiritual process & is able to explain many of the inner mysteries. Her mind, heart & hands are instruments for God & she heals deeply. Many of us refer to Pearl's hands as 'radiant gold'. Pearl has been involved with many alternative healing studies for many years & has mastered difficult subjects. I would refer to Pearl as the Healer's Healer.
Her gentleness, commitment, dedication & her love of God & all things spiritual can be matched by no other. It is with great pride that I recommend people to Pearl because of her precious gifts, for God has chosen well in her. You will never meet a more unswerving instrument than in this devoted woman. I have known Pearl for many years & have never been more affected by anyone like her. She has assisted me greatly on my own path & when I am in need, I seek her abilities first."

With Infinite Admiration & Gratitude,
Dr. Connie E. Jones Chiropractor
Founder & Developer of B.A.R.R.S.  (Healing Bodywork)
Boca Raton, Florida

"My experience of attending Pearl's classes and one-on-one sessions has been outstanding and I don't say that often! She has a great passion for her work which clearly shows in her delivery and input to each workshop/class and one-on-one session. Some of the workshops I have attended have run from 10am to 6pm, yet it never felt like enough as I was so enjoying myself. Pearl uses a great blend of direct teaching and interactive practice in her sessions which means her students are fully engaged the whole session through, and, best of all about this approach and skill, is that you absorb and remember so much in the class you don't need to do extra work and studying: great for busy people like me My work is in customer service training and, believe me, I am highly sensitized and very critical of all service I receive when I pay good money............ Pearl's work is of such a high standard it is the best value for money I can imagine in her field!"

Jane Edwards-Hall, General Manager, Grass Roots Measurement and Mystery Shopping, Miami, USA.

"Pearl has been my spiritual teacher since 2005. Over the few years that I have been fortunate enought to be in her tutorship, Pearl has fostered my growth through her thorough understanding of the ancient wisdom teachings. In her teachings, Pearl displays her natural aptitude of balancing guidance with a respect for other people's ability to recall and cultivate their own divinity. A teacher's genuineness is of utmost importance to me and I have found Pearl to be unwaveringly authentic. I have seen her walk the spiritual path with a wise and loving heart as she approaches her own life's challenges and joys from a divine standpoint. Finding Pearl has been one of the true gifts in my life that I will forever be grateful for."

Laura Cole, Yoga Sharer, Jupiter, Florida

"I have known Pearl Rauberts for 5 years. Her intuitive vision and compassionate approach have been both calming and healing. I have attended workshops, classes, Reiki one on one sessions, spiritual guidance sessions-the gamut! Pearl radiates with healing energy and can help you understand your path. Pearl is able to connect with the message she carries as few can and impart to you the essence of it all; truly amazing! Give yourself a gift and check out a class or session with Pearl-your self will thank you for it!"

Sandy Connaughton, West Palm Beach

"Now that several days have passed, I am amazed by the profound training you gave us last Saturday. The healing techinques and symbols I learned will be far reaching. I am practicing on myself, my cat, and those close to my heart. I will continue to do so. The teachings will be utilized and practiced. The world needs healing, and it needs Reiki. You are so gifted, Pearl; your words and intentions are authentic. Thank you for the privilege of working with you again."

Jackie Sommers, West Palm Beach

"After days of struggling to nurse my first-born child, Jonathan, I reached out to Pearl for spiritual guidance. Within minutes she suggested an affirmation for me to say before, during, and after each feeding: "We are Divine Peace." That evening, he and I shared the most incredible moment we had since his birth. He latched on and fed from my soul in a way I never thought possible. Thanks to Pearl, we enjoyed three wonderful years of breastfeeding. The gratitude I feel for her cannot be described in words. It was through her I was given the greatest gift a mother could ever wish for."

Jessica Bergen, Canada


Pearl is British and comes from London, England. Upon graduating with honors from the London School of Economics and Political Science, she went into educational administration, where she became an Assistant Principal of a college in London.

In the 1980's Pearl left her fulltime position to start serious training in meditation, healing and spirituality through selected courses, in many different venues. For over fifteen years she trained and worked with England's top spiritual teachers and healers. She mastered a wide range of body, mind, and spirit courses at the College of Psychic Studies where she became a healer. This led to extensive training and work with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. In both places she co-founded healing clinics. Pearl spent eleven years closely involved with the work of the White Eagle Lodge, an international spiritual organization, and participated deeply in their healing and Brotherhood work.

She moved to Palm Beach County, Florida in 2001. Since then, Pearl has been teaching at a high level, and doing a wide range of private sessions, using the knowledge and experience gained over many years. Pearl is a Reiki Master & Teacher, ordained as a Minister through the Institute of Spiritual Integral Sciences, an Angel Messenger Practitioner, an Aura Clearing Practitioner, and creator of Rauberts Energy Healing technique. She studies Native American spirituality with Grandfather Rick McBride.
Pearl is passionate about Reiki healing and incredibly thorough in her teaching methods. I feel lucky that when I was ready to learn Reiki the Universe led me to Pearl.

MC, West Palm Beach, FL
Pearl is a dedicated Reiki Master whose depth of knowledge in Reiki and other energy healing techniques is astounding. Her ability to channel healing energy is proven time and time again in her Reiki Circles. Pearl is an ardent teacher on many subjects that she is well versed on, however, my personal experience with Pearl as a teacher of Reiki was a life changing experience for me. I whole heartedly recommend Pearl as healer, a Reiki Master and teacher.

KF Jupiter Farms, FL