Aura Clearing Intensive
West Palm Beach

An Aura Clearing intensive one on one session is amazingly effective in releasing negative emotional energy. If not released, this kind of energy can cause health problems in the future. People with health problems often have them because of negative energy in their Aura, the energy field around the body. This energy can result from long or short term difficult situations, trauma, anger, sadness, fear, shock, or loss of a loved one, to give just a few examples. How long ago the situation occurred, or the length of time it has existed are not factors in healing it.

The effectiveness of Aura Clearing is directly dependent on the skill of the Practitioner. After discussion with you about the nature of the stuck energy, (you must be willing to discuss this with me) I use my hands to pull the negative energy from your aura (without touching you.) You must be willing to release the old emotional wounds and work with me. Sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs as I select the appropriate approach, drawing on many years of experience to move you through this process.

Aura Clearing can heal a wide range of issues and I am passionate about its effectiveness; it normally produces positive results very quickly.

Benefits You Can Expect

* Improved Physical Health
* Greater Peace of Mind
* Greater Sense of Wellbeing
* Enhanced Ability to Live in the Now
* Embrace Healing
* Have a Positive Attitude